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Welcome to Credin

We offer you a comprehensive range of solutions for the development and success of your business in Bakery and Pastry, backed by almost 90 years of dedicated teamwork and experience
in the development and implementation of bakery products
and solutions, such as bread and cake mixes, custard powders,
ready-to-use custards, glazes and fillings.

European Presence – Local Products

From our starting point in 1930 at Palsgaard in Denmark, Credin now holds companies in Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Portugal and Spain. As part of Orkla Food Ingredients division (OFI) we operate in 21 countries, either with own sales force or through sales representatives. We support our activities with a strong development in target areas such as: Marketing, Sales, Research and Development, Quality and Technical Assistance. Being inspired by and gaining experience from a European presence, we have always stayed local – adapting our proposals to each market and geographical location.



Credin Polska is a producer of high quality bakery and confectionery mixes with a well-developed distribution network and technological support for craft and industrial producers.

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For over 20 years we have been shaping the taste experience with our confectionery and bakery solutions. From traditional ingredients, to increasingly innovative ones, we develop consistently with you. We commenced our journey into the world of taste back in 1995, when Credin Polska was established as a division of Danish Palsgaard Industri, famous for the production of emulsifiers and stabilizers used in the food industry.

In September 2002, Credin Polska and other Credin affiliates in Europe joined the Norwegian capital group ORKLA, contributing to the resources of Orkla Food Ingredients, a leading producer and distributor of bakery and confectionery additives, present mainly in Norway and on the Scandinavian peninsula.

Our goal has always been to develop, discover and respond to our customers’ needs, to strengthen the competitive position of our partners so that they can be ready for the growing consumer needs. We aspire to make creations that are liked and appreciated and will enchant their recipients with their appearance, taste, aroma, and texture.

In January 2003, the logo of our company was transformed into a symbol resembling in shape and colour a grain matured in full sun and a loaf of bread. In 2017 the logo evolved, we simplified it and gave it a more modern look, in line with current trends. This is also a proof that we remain open to both product and communication trends. And we want to invariably inspire you with this innovation.

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Our mission

Customers and Quality first

Credin endeavours to make your business our business. We adjust to your requirements and work together with you: focused, professionally and with large flexibility. We will continuously strive to increase the value we add to your business.

We offer application capability and technical know-how to optimize the solution to your existing equipment.
Certifications, sustainability and in-depth documentation is our way of working. 

Health Consciousness

Food safety and quality assurance is priority and a pillar in building brand awareness among customers as well as in building long-term relationships with customers.

The risk assessment as part of the implemented HACCP system is carried out and systematically verified by an interdisciplinary team, and includes: allergen management procedures, foreign body risk supervision, control of microbiological and chemical hazards, as well as ongoing supervision over quality documentation and labeling to constantly provide clients with up-to-date information.

At the Industry sector

To become the most suitable business partner, Credin invests in solutions designed to meet industrial customer’s needs, using both local and international knowledge, supported by well-established know-how, many years of experience and best practice.


Credin grants you innovative products and concepts - essential conditions to gain the preference of today’s consumers – answering to everyday needs of artisans, retailer’s, in store bakeries, semi-industries or large industrial companies


To shape the confectionery and bakery market in Poland and globally


To act consciously, with respect to safety, health and the environment


To actively co-create strong brands with customers, matching and even anticipating their needs and desires


Orkla is one of Norway’s oldest business conglomerates. The company’s history dates back over 350 years and reflects both good times and bad. Orkla started out as purely a mining company extracting the rich ore deposits at Løkken Verk in Sør-Trøndelag County.

Orkla is a leading supplier of branded consumer goods to the grocery, out-of home, specialised retail, pharmacy and bakery sectors. The Nordic and Baltic regions and selected countries in Central Europe are Orkla’s main markets. The Orkla Group also holds strong positions in selected product categories in India.

Orkla Food Ingredients group is one of the business fields Orkla ASA specialises in. It started operating in 1999. OFI is one of the biggest suppliers of stocks for breadstuffs and confectionery in Scandinavia and other European Countries.


Major business fields

Orkla ASA develops its activities in five major business fields:


ORKLA Confectionery & Snacks

ORKLA Home & Personal

ORKLA Food Ingredients

ORKLA Investments

Orkla’s five strategic pillars:






The values: 




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