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Petit Gateau is a sophisticated dessert with an extraordinary filling. True French elegance. The inconspicuous shape of the cake hides a liquid secret, which spills out at the first bite. The velvety, hot lava with an intense chocolate flavour will electrify your taste buds. The Belgian chocolate, which is the secret of these cakes, is a guarantee of unforgettable pleasure, best experienced when accompanied by fruit and scoops of ice-cream.

  • Advantages

    A liquid lava filled chocolate cake, CREDI PETIT GATEAU can be easily prepared with Credin mix. The mix was designed to give the cake a solid-liquid consistency, while making it convenient to serve. As the powder includes eggs, only oil and water need to be added. The mix contains 30% of Belgian chocolate, ensuring an intense taste, and the excellent quality of the baked product.




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