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Victor is a real winner. A bread ace with excellent taste and valuable nutrients.It triumphs with 60% grain and flake content, addition of chia seeds and goji berries, so it may be labelled super food that is particularly beneficial to our health and wellbeing. It’s a perfect match for OLIVKA topping that will conquer the taste buds even of the most demanding gourmets.

  • Advantages

    • Short time of bread preparation (c. 1 h from mixing to taking out of the furnace)
    • High seeds content, which affects both the flavour and look of the bread
    • High quality ingredients, including superfood (chia seeds and goji berries)
    • Possibility of shaping many bread forms (stick, roll, baguette, loaf)
    • Clean label (no emulsifiers, acidity regulators, thickening agents)



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