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Quality policy

The main goal of Credin Polska Sp. z o.o. is to:

  • create the confectionery and bakery market in Poland and in the world,

  • act in a conscious manner with respect for safety, health and the environment,

  • active co-creation with customers of high-quality and sustainable products that meet or even predict needs and desires.


Our position on domestic and foreign markets depends on rapid response to the needs of customers and offering them products and services that are characterized by:

  • modern and innovative solutions,

  • competitive price

  • short order fulfilment period,

  • high and stable quality,

  • customer service on a durable and partnership basis.

All products offered by Credin Polska are safe, legal, authentic and meet internal specifications, as well as customer requirements and consumer expectations. These requirements are also met by raw materials and packaging used to manufacture the products, as well as commercial goods marketed under Credin Polska’ brand name.

As a conscious food producer being a part of ORKLA Group, we want to take part of the responsibility and contribute to solving local challenges in the field of sustainable development, improving the quality of life with promoting healthy lifestyle and developing products for health and wellness. Responsible and sustainable manufacturing is demanding, but we want to develop sustainable business model and build awareness among our business partners, being a local champion for sustainability.

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Credin Polska Sp. z o.o. carries out tasks in the field of food quality and safety in accordance with national and international requirements through the use of Quality and Food Safety Management Systems in accordance with:

  • BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

  • OFSS (ORKLA Food Safety Standard)


Additionally on customers’ request we provide:   

  • Production of organic products

  • Production of RSPO certified products  (The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) - palm oil certification system (MB – Mass Balance and SG – Segregated model)

  • Production of Rainforest Alliance certified products – with certified cocoa (MB - Mass Balance model). Find out more at

RA - cocoa.png

From July 2021, Credin Polska is a member of The American Bakers Association

in The United States.

ABA is the only bakery- specific national and state trade association,

delivering results on priorities affecting the companies that feed the world.

ABA Represents 85 % of the wholesale baking industry in the USA and now we are part of this family.



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Innovation is a continuous improvement, a process of development of both the organisation and its product offer. We are extremely open to new solutions, we inspire our customers, anticipate and respond to the needs of consumers, and even of demanding, conscious prosumers.

CREativity, as the name suggests, is our middle name. And examples speak for themselves, we work in an innovative and responsible way,

we design our concepts with regard to the nutritional added values.

60 projects

R&D projects per year


number of Clean Label products

12 nutrition declarations

this is what our Czystoziarnisty W&P has

Credin’s Research and Development department is an extremely powerful unit that takes the following aspects into consideration when designing new concepts:

  • product trends, nutritional value

  • nutrition declarations (e.g. source of fibre, protein)

  • marketing trends, consumer expectations

  • custom tailored projects matching the potential
    of customers

  • refreshing traditional products in a Clean Label version

Purchasing decisions are made by the consumer basing primarily on sensory aspects, so when creating products, we also pay attention to their features in this regard. We present the application as it would look on the store shelf, in the final version. Not only does the nutritional value matter, but also:

  • look, aroma

  • form, texture

  • finishing, extra ingredients

  • packaging

  • logo, slogan

  • declarations, distinguishing features

  • labels

  • display stands

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